Workplace Epiphany #3

“No one is more invested in your success than you are. As long as you show interest in learning and assist others where possible, there will be people around who will be persuaded in supporting you to get to where you want to go.”


The Hoops and Loops of Marrying an Italian

It is a known tradition in many cultures for a man to ask the bride’s parents for their permission to marry. For our intercultural marriage however, we had to go one step further and request for the approval from the government of both our countries. To begin with, there were already many paperwork to produce and complete; but our constant movement in different countries made things more difficult. We were also planning to get married in Italy and later reside in a country that was not Italy or Malaysia. This post describes the process that I (Malaysian/ Foreigner) and my husband (Italian not residing in Italy or Malaysia) had to go through to get married. Continue reading

Adapting to Cultures

After 6 months of my first placement at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, Abu Dhabi, I am now continuing the remaining 12 months of the Ascent Graduate Management Training Program at Anantara Siam Bangkok, Thailand. What a change of environment, from the quiet desert to a bustling city! There’s also a change of pace in business as I transited from a resort property to a city property. Continue reading

Workplace Epiphany #2

“School is a controlled environment where you will never fail unless you are really lazy (even if you are not the smartest cookie, as long as you try, you will succeed).

In the workplace, however, no matter how smart or how hardworking you are, you are bound to meet failure, or mistakes for reasons out of your control. You win some you lose some. We just need to remember the highs of our wins to carry us through the valley of the losses.

And failure doesn’t reflect who we are. It is a learning opportunity, and a chance to keep honing our character and values..”

20 Uncomfortable Truths You Learn as an Adult

Quora is a website in which anyone can post a question and answer any question. It is a great platform for learning exchanges and sharing of wisdom with people from around the world.

Recently, I came across this question and an answer which summarises what I have realised and learnt so far as an adult. Thought it would be great to share it here.

What are important but uncomfortable truths you learn as an adult? by Adam Sanford  Continue reading